Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can Astrology prove/confirm Your singing Potential?

I promised to write on “Can you sing (and by extension -can your crony’s enemy’s friends or even a stranger sing?”. We take a practical and testable approach provided you have some interest in astrology or willing to test it.

This article will help provide one very small step for astro-cynics to prove their cynicism of astrology or surrender to its fathomless ocean of wisdom.

As a sweetener towards the end we astro briefly discuss possibility of Rewinding and Playback of India’s great musical years in coming years

Do this exercise-To test if a person can sing or not.  And his/her fan following will provide the test if astro guidance is  helpful or not.

It’s of limited use to discuss any famous singers horoscope to derive if he/she can sing. Hence we ask you to do this exercise.

We have outlined the following steps or process to help you determine if you or your cronies can sing reasonably without dispersing a congregation of friends with their uninvited Cacophonic singing.

We have  run through confirmed horoscopes of well known singers in India and abroad/discarded those whose astro data was not confirmed to derive initial principles

Download a Indian astrology  software like    Jaganathhora available for windows/Macs but not available android or iOS.For android and ioS Kundli app will be fune.Online horoscope creator on is also very good. You must have persons accurate birth time,place of birth and year/date  of  birth to get started.

Look at  Birth chart and ninth harmonic chart(called navamsa or ninth division) These will be sufficient in most cases. Navamsa chart to be reliable requires greater accuracy in birth time.If in doubt look at main birth chart only.

  1. Jupiter is the main planet of singing as also of lot more.Its placement in main chart is very important
  2. Try to locate ascendant or lagna in charts. That is the first house. and moving clockwise  are 12 houses in increasing numerical order covering  twelve zodiac signs
  3. Second most important planet is lord of 2nd house- this house is lord of speech arts  and lot more but we are focusing on singing.
  4. Jupiter has aspects  on 1st house(where it is placed and 5th and 9 houses. Besides the opposite/aspect which  is true of all planets) That means it affects houses 1,5,9 and any planets located there in. besides the house /planets opposite it
  5. Do the same for navamsa chart –forget the main chart.
  6. For a person to have reasonably singing ability Jupiter is either located in 2nd house from ascendant or aspects the 2nd house in charts.If this aspect of location is found in both charts, its power is increased and singing potential must be higher.
  7. If Jupiter additionally aspects or connects with lord of 2nd house (e.g. Mars is owner of Aries and Scorpio signs, Venus owns Taurus and  Libra and so on) this is another sign of singing potential
  8. Some signs as 2nd house and some planets are lord of 2nd house may be adding power. Venus Moon as lord of 2nd house will enrich voice or singing capability as will  Libra. If they are located in 2nd house that would enhance singing potential.
  9. What are spoilers? In Vedic astrology two shadowy planets are used Rah and Kato and they will be in all horoscopes-always placed opposite each other. Two conclusions must be tested. Presence of  Kato in 2nd house must be definite spoiler in some way hindering some aspect of singing potential.
If other “singing signs” are encouraging then presence of Rah in 2nd house  or  conjunct with lord of 2nd house could impart a strange unconventional quality to voice.
  1. Naturally it is difficult to add this up to provide an index of singing potential but is good enough to get  started with practical tests

  1. We have not covered why some singers and songs become famous while other singers last briefly. Among the many causes would be  singer/person may not favorable astro-periods but that is beyond our scope.

  1. It must be stressed both chart mentioned above must be seen for presence of  above planetary positions. What we have not been to even tentatively cover if persons ability to disciple his voice, to control breath so important for mastery in singing. Saturn and  Mars their positions in chart relative to and along with ascendant lord/house may hold key

Exercise  Find me a great popular singer with malefics like Saturn Ketu in 2nd house.2nd house is not Cancer or  Libra or owned by Jupiter. No Jupiter or  Moon or Venus in 2nd house

Part B:

This may be useful for those with some understanding of astrology and knowledge of Indian music

India birth chart of 1947 is well known. It suddenly dawned on me that India’s glorious years of unforgettable songs by thousands from 47 to late 70s and early 80s suddenly gave way to songs that cannot be explained except by astrological analysis. India saw Saturn period end in mid 60s and Mercury  period last 16 years till 1981.Ketu period lasted 7years till 1988 followed by Venus period of 20 years till 2008 and  Sun period end 2015.

In Indian Horoscope Mercury lord of 2nd house  with Venus Sun Saturn is located in 3rd sensitive/emotional  house of cancer.

Huge output of immortal mostly melancholy songs till 60s could be explained by ongoing period of Saturn conjunct with moon in sensitive sign of Cancer. Is that a coincidence? Era of mid 60s saw huge outflow of immortal songs but probably had more life than before mid 60s era. That was Mercury era lord of 2nd house Both Mercury and Saturn seems to show their personality- in the  songs. Songs of 80s are best forgotten even though most geniuses of old era were alive and active.

Venus and  Sun period have seen revival in quality/content and popularity of songs compared to 80s but way below that era of  50s 60s 70s.

Start of  Moon period from 2015 ending  2025 we predict is likely to see marked upswing in quality and popularity of songs. Perhaps approaching the same issue from dominant population type (old vs. mature vs. very young population) could also provide answers

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lok Sabha Elections 2014-state level prediction series-Tamil Nadu

We tried to predict fate of 39 lok sabha parliamentary seats in tamil nadu using Tarot card prediction model which involved many layers of questions to determine seats and performance of various parties

The results are contrary to opinion polls of most TV-media channels

We tested fate of AIADMK&allies in range of 8 to 35 seats with interval of 3 seats. for all others range was 0-27

AIADMK card strongly indicate 12-15 seats and 20-23 seats and additional cards indicate less than 21 seats with greater likelihood of 16 seats

BJP and allies may get 12 seats

DMK and Congress are taken together though not allies any more.Both taken together will get max 11 seats split as 10,1 or 8,3 in favour of DMK.It is possible they may get even less seats

Later posts will apear on our wordpress site also

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fate of Flight MH 370 by Tarot Cards #FB

Photo from Twitter account of Pani puri @Cric_Babu

In an earlier article and several tweets from World of Predictions @sujatKamal The Great plane Robbery based on Astrology and known facts we have pointed to deliberate sabotage of communication system and "Robbery" ofthe plane MH 370

Visiting many Questions through Tarot cards ''reconfirms" the sabotage manipulation hypothesis and possibility of many being hostage

likely country where Plane may have landed Burma Thailand Vietnam-those who associated with political strife In recent years

We should expect Clear information on MH 370 in next eleven days or as early as  next week

More readings may follow

Friday, March 14, 2014

Flight MHS 370 the Great Plane Robbery #FB

photo credit: Time. com
Yesterday tweeted based on Horary Astrology that missing Malaysian Air plane 370 could have received great " "damage to Communications equipments Frontal section as prime causeofMHS 370 mystery

today's ToI report of Stanford student's theory goes onsamelines

facts of MHS 370 merit a probe into a new theory. (1) 20+ Electronics Engineers Aboard 2) Confirmed Fraud and suspicious activities (3) Flight paths divergence (4) cutting of all communications to track plane (5) Confusion of ringing phones of passengers

This could be a big coincidence  f MHS 370 is missing due to Natural technical causes

Great plane Robbery as a new chapter In Terrorism needs probe due to above facts. If Terrorists plan to take over plane using well equipped laptops / devices they unlike firearms based terror Could never be detected. Is that Technically feasible esp if a crew is Involved?
If plane is hijacked electronically this could be failed or successful mission and in future usable as "Input" for 911 type attacks. (even though with a large plane it wont be easy to Caputure hide and re launch)
A Plane hijacked in this manner is unlikely to show up as Ransom or terror demand. 
So did the Great plane Robbery go horribly wrong or horribly Right?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

State Elections 2013 Predictions

Last night we tweeted @ Sujatkamal our final predictions for Four states Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh Delhi Chhattisgarh.

On this blog and parallel blog You Can find State Level predictions based on Tarot and Astrology

Final seat predictions

Delhi-BJP 30-31,AAP 21-23

Rajasthan BJP 96

Madhya Pradesh BJP 130

Chhattisgarh BJP 47-48

Friday, November 22, 2013

will BJP & CM shiv Raj Chouhan get 3rd Term in Madhya Pradesh 2013

All Opinion Polls predicting huge and improved win and seat tally for BJP in Madhya Pradesh after 25 November polling results declared on December 8th

while due to hand injury detailed seat predictions cannot be done at this time our Tarot based predictions show that BJP will get fewer seats than 2008 and 30% probability of both Congress and BJP neck to neck

 1 Our Tarot Predictions show that with 70% likelihood BJP will get about 130 seats while Congress will get about 85-90

2. Second less likely outcome is about 110 seats for BJP but still in - No 1 position

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Part 2 will Indian Mars Mission succeed? by Tarot

In Part 1 based on astrology we predicted failed Mission to Mars with communication being Key cause

Tarot based prediction also shows similar outcome though no time of occurrence of problem Could be found

Tarot Indicates number of glitches but difficulty In controlling flight path orbit could be critical and result ln loss of orbiter Mangalyan

when where will #Bangalore ATM attacker be caught?

In 2006 after ADOBE India son was kidnapped from NOIDA on way to school I tried using Tarot to predict where kidnappers might be hiding. Cards Interpreted by me Indicated religious place or temple. I believe they Were picked up from Mathura (a religious city of Hindus associated with Lord Krishna)

Yesterday a woman was attacked brutally Inside Bangalore ATM

We have used Tarot cards to predict where attacker might be

1 Tarot and Astrology seem to indicate he may still be in Bangalore ard will be Caught by Sunday or earlier

2. There might be a conspiracy angle not just theft

3. He may be In Western (most likely) area of Bangalore or Northern part

4. Nearest Landmark may be Bugle Rock or Cemetry In disuse of British times.  or a Red light area